Made with love (heart)

Desert Island Toys

Raquel thoroughly enjoyed coming up with her list of 10 favourite toys for Toy Talk...

1 A few soft toys.

2 A lot of blank card, a black pen and scissors to draw Carddies (or give me cereal to eat so I can use the packs)….plus some pencils to colour them in.

3 A game of labyrinth (the one with the little holes that you have to manoeuvre a ball past…without falling in).

4 A mini football game…but could I train a monkey on the island to play against me?

5 A monkey on the island…OK that is a pet not a toy…how about one of those dogs that is battery run and can follow me around? (spare batteries please)

6 A vet set that I can play vets with the soft toys…And a few beds/blankets for them.

7 A plastic tub and a few boats and other small plastic toys –preferably small plastic animals-that I can make swim in the tub (no joke-this would keep me happy for hours as a child; I can’t say I have tried it recently but I could regress).

8 Fisher price people and a bus and aeroplane as they used to be in the 1970s...the aeroplane had a door that you pulled down and there were holes for the little people to sit in.

9 A pair of roller skates/roller blades.

10 A school set that I can play schools with…small blackboard, chalk, etc