UK Made

Amazing press and parent and blogger reviews for our creative colouring toy...

Families SE

Nov Dec 2018

Carddies listed in Christmas Gift Guide for 2018...Editor's picks for stocking fillers under £20.

Daily Mail

October 2018

Femail Magazine, Daily Mail, love the Carddies Wedding set, and think they are the perfect way to celebrate a Royal Wedding!

Benefits of In-Store Play

July/August 2018

Carddies were described as "very popular hands-on attraction" in this piece in Progressive Preschool Magazine by Fundamentally Children.

Top Ten for School

22 July 2018

Special Educational Needs (SEN) Resources Blog, which reviews & recommends activities and toys for all children, inlcuded Carddies School in its Top Ten products for preparing to start primary school. This is their full Review of the Carddies School set from June 2018.

Progressive Preschool

November/December 2017

Carddies featured in Progressive Preschool Magazine's Nov/Dec issue (p93 and 95) on educational toys and Making Learning Fun! Please see the comments by Raquel, co-creator of Carddies, as to what makes them special (see also her description of our new Carddies My Family colouring in and play set).

SEN Resources Blog

October 2017

 This reviewer thought “The Carddies Packs are fabulous for promoting imaginative play– which is important for helping children make sense of our world...Colouring the characters and back-drop as well as moving the people around all involves the development of fine motor skills which are imperative skills for learning to write, do up buttons, use a knife and fork etc. “

Special Educational Needs Resources Blog for full review)

ROMPA Winslow Blog

October 2017

We were invited to write in the ROMPA Winslow Resources blog as to how Carddies came about, as well as on their play and educational value (in particular, in an SEN context). Carddies are available from Winslow Resources.

Creative Christmas!

December 2016

KalliKids asked Carddies to share some thoughts on the benefits to children of colouring/drawing/arts/craft.