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Amazing press and parent and blogger reviews for our creative colouring toy...

ROMPA Winslow Blog

October 2017

We were invited to write in the ROMPA Winslow Resources blog as to how Carddies came about, as well as on their play and educational value (in particular, in an SEN context). Carddies are available from Winslow Resources.

Creative Christmas!

December 2016

KalliKids asked Carddies to share some thoughts on the benefits to children of colouring/drawing/arts/craft.

Cracked Nails and Split Ends

April 2016

Another great review, this time of Carddies Sports...

"I knew these would be a hit, both Summer and Jacob enjoyed colouring the bits together, creating their own sports team and standing their players up etc."

Unconventional Kira

March 2016

Wonderful review of our Carddies by channel mum blogger Kira Hutt and family...along with a great youtube video!

"The girls absolutely love them.We are big fans of colouring in anyway and these have kept us all entertained for hours.The concentration Alessia has shown with these have been adorable,treasuring them like her little friends."


February 2016

Recommended by parents: 5 stars out of 5 for Carddies on Quality of Service, Value for Money, What the Kids Think and What the Adults Think!

 This is what they said:

"All of them have names and are played with most days. We always get a set when we go away. They are coloured in on the aeroplane and played with when we get there."


"It's something that grips their imagination, they adore doing and they keep coming back to over the years."


"They are great to just throw into your bag and pull out when you want to keep the children entertained, a bit like a portable dolls house."



June 2015

Some Carddies style exam tips shared  by UKEdMag....

(Carddies had recently been reviewed and loved by the sister website, UKEdChat).

Critiques and Tests

May 2015

Critiques And Tests carried out product tests from a disability view point. These were some of the reviewer's thoughts on the Carddies:

"Delightful box of fun, imagination and creativity."

"The Carddies are innocent which is wonderful :-) an activity that does not require batteries or a screen, and can be played with, again, and again. "

"I like the idea of the Carddies being a story telling aid, and my thought is this - if you get other sets - I can see the Carddies being used similarly to Story Stones - get a group to colour as many Carddies sets as you can, then put the characters into one big pot and pass it around the group - each group member has to create a story involving the character they have picked up :-)"



May 2015

Fantastic review of our Carddies by mumandworking, the parents' one stop website for all things work related!

"Brilliant product, a bit different from anything else out there at the moment. Great way to get children using their imaginations..."

"My daughter thoroughly enjoyed colouring these in and even recorded a little video story on her tablet using her Carddie people!"