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Amazing press and parent and blogger reviews for our creative colouring toy...

First Eleven Magazine


Our little Carddies rower (Carddies Sports set!) popped up in the Parents' Notebook!

Angels & Urchins

June issue

The new Carddies sets, Carddies London and Carddies Sports, featured in the lovely Angels and Urchins magazine.

Department Store News

Our new Carddies sets, Carddies London and Carddies Sports, were featured in the June issue of Department Store News.

Baby Magazines

Carddies were featured as a Hot Product in these three beautiful magazines!



We were also thrilled to be included in Sharon Trotter's piece on Stress-free travelling with babies and children in the same magazines!

Jacqueline Wilson Mag

Carddies appeared in the lovely JW magazine!


TIPS provides expert parenting advice and independent reviews of mother and baby products.

TIPS kindly included Carddies in their travel tips! (Your travel questions answered...):

"..take plenty of toys that are easy to play with on a train or plane. Colouring-in books or stickers are great fun. Carddies ... are a great little game that is sure to provide hours of fun..."

See how much their two testers Jenny (aged 9 ½) and Kirsty (aged 6) liked Carddies when they were first launched:

“Me and Kirsty thought that the Carddies were amazing fun. What I liked about them was that it was imaginative and you could do it however you liked. Kirsty liked colouring them in and making up stories for them."




Launch of new sets


The launch of Carddies Sports and Carddies London in April 2012 was featured in various publications and websites, including Toy News, Toy World Mag, Gift Focus and Toy Talk; as well as   4munchkinsplusmummy , A boy with Asperger's ,  Mummy Pages, Missing sleep, This is Life and The Babbling Mummy, who said:

 I loved the idea of Carddies straight away, and I knew Miss B would love them too as she loves colouring. I wasn’t too sure about Little S though, because his attention span with this sort of toy can be quite limited….


…From about 3.30 until Daddy came home at about 5.45, the house was silent. For that entire time, S and B coloured in their Carddies, talked about them occasionally with each other and played with them.


I posted pictures of them on Twitter, because I just couldn’t believe how peaceful it was! No television, screaming or shouting.


S has particularly enjoyed his Carddies. He coloured in the background really carefully and some of his characters, making sure that the colours matched on both the back and the front of their clothes. He talked about the different members of his family, and has named some of them on the back of the background, where there are pictures of each character and a space for their name.”






Vegetarian Living

Carddies had lovely coverage in the June 2012 issue of Vegetarian Living magazine....