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Amazing press and parent and blogger reviews for our creative colouring toy...

First News

The Carddies team are avid First News readers, so we were delighted to take part in this fun 50 days of summer competition!

Parents In Touch

Parents In Touch, an education and information site for parents, issued lovely reviews on Carddies...

Desert Island Toys

Raquel thoroughly enjoyed coming up with her list of 10 favourite toys for Toy Talk...

1 A few soft toys.

2 A lot of blank card, a black pen and scissors to draw Carddies (or give me cereal to eat so I can use the packs)….plus some pencils to colour them in.

3 A game of labyrinth (the one with the little holes that you have to manoeuvre a ball past…without falling in).

4 A mini football game…but could I train a monkey on the island to play against me?

5 A monkey on the island…OK that is a pet not a toy…how about one of those dogs that is battery run and can follow me around? (spare batteries please)

6 A vet set that I can play vets with the soft toys…And a few beds/blankets for them.

7 A plastic tub and a few boats and other small plastic toys –preferably small plastic animals-that I can make swim in the tub (no joke-this would keep me happy for hours as a child; I can’t say I have tried it recently but I could regress).

8 Fisher price people and a bus and aeroplane as they used to be in the 1970s...the aeroplane had a door that you pulled down and there were holes for the little people to sit in.

9 A pair of roller skates/roller blades.

10 A school set that I can play schools with…small blackboard, chalk, etc


Theo Thumbs Up

Sunday 8 July

Carddies, was one of the lucky 6 winners of the Theo Paphitis #SBS Award on Sunday 8th July 2012.


Each Sunday small businesses can tweet @TheoPaphitis and describe their business in one tweet including the hashtag #SBS. Theo reviews and chooses his favourite lucky six who are then re-tweeted.

Carddies were thrilled to be selected and think that it is a wonderful way for small businesses to be given support and visibility.


Awesomely AWESOME!

My Family Club,  Playpennies and What's Good To Do, all found Carddies great value for money, and given ten out of ten (or five out of five!):

What's Good To Do
On Carddies Sports: "Carddies is an excellent toy which provides hours of fun, encourages creative role play and can be used either while travelling or at home. This would make an ideal gift for a child."

My Family Club
"A really great travel companion for the car or train and so easy to pack back up and keep all the pieces together".

Playpennies review
"I asked both him and Edward for an overall score out of 10 and they both gave a resounding 10 out of 10; Edward says I must tell you that they're, and I quote, "Awesomely AWESOME!""




Oh Baby!

Raquel, co-owner of Carddies, gave her thoughts on morning sickness! (subject close to her heart) in this lovely page on Mums Tips (Oh Baby! Pregnancy & Parenting magazine).

Toy News

June 2012

In June, Carddies appeared in the Guide for Girls' great company...

Toy News


...and in July in the Creative Play section-again in great company!